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AMR Innovation Integrated into Prototypic Medical Bra to Support Post-operative Health


The Asymmetrical Bra is an innovative medical bra principally designed for women following breast surgery to improve support, reduce pain and prevent infection. Plastic Surgeon Dr John Biddlestone created the concept, and Dr Louise Valentine and her team from the University of Dundee developed and tested the concept from a design perspective by creating of a series of working 3-dimensional prototypes which were tested on a number of women who reported on material, construction, feel and functionality. The context for product development is the immediate post-operation phase of a mastectomy i.e the first two weeks after an operation. The design criteria for the Asymmetrical Bra were that the product must not support the deterioration of a woman's health, (it must not exacerbate the post-operative wound by encouraging MRSA for example, or create a new irritant such as a rash); it must improve support, reduce pain and improve the wound healing process. The prototype is now being moved into a development phase and the team is hoping to work alongside a manufacturer to develop the product for testing in the clinical setting.